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NEW FORTNITE CROSSOVER AVENGERS ENDGAME COLLABORATION: Hey, What's up guys it is Nrrounder here at for today's post? I'll be talking about the new for Fortnite and Avengers collab So Fortnite, just tweeted out a minute ago that Fortnite will be collabing with Avengers and there is a Captain America shield with the bright bomber.

Basically, Avengers End Games is going to come out so we might be seeing some superhero skins.

which is pretty hype Now, I'm thinking they're gonna bring back Thanos because they did a couple of seasons ago for the Avengers infinity war I don't know you guys tell me in the comments below what you guys think I personally think that it's going to be good Hopefully, we get superheroes skins as we did in season 4 with the carbide Omega. You never know But yeah, that's all we have for today.

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