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PUBG New Map Venezia 2.0: Release Date, Weapons, Vehicle, Underwater Gun & More - NRROUNDER

Reddit client IamEzalor, idea delineate of PlayerUnknown's Battleground winter outline been dealing with another guide named, "Venezia". The idea outline uncovered a while back in his authority Reddit account. There may be an opportunity of Venezia getting picked as another guide in the coming future. 

Venice is known for countless/spans/little islands. That should give you thought regarding how difficult this guide would be on the off chance that it comes to activity. The idea outline had some hotspot areas like Mariwa, Castle, Main Square, Harbor. The idea outline uncovers produce areas, vehicles, zone approach and weapons. 


The Gameplay Idea of the guide is that the players will get generated at the aquarails indicated by dim specks in the idea outline when the entryway is full following 10 seconds of cooldown the amusement for the best spot starts

PUBG New Map Venezia 2.0: Release Date, Weapons, Vehicle, Underwater Gun & More


  • Aquarail.
  • Bicycle.
  • Vespa.


  • Beretta ARX 160(Assault Rifle).
  • Benelli M4( new Shotgun).
  • HK-911(UnderWater Pistol).
  • C4 Explosive charge (which can be obtained by creates only).

1.Beretta ARX 160(Assault Rifle).

2.Benelli M4( new Shotgun).

3.HK-911(UnderWater Pistol).

4.C4 Explosive charge

Release Date

venezia pubg mobile new map addition in new upcoming update in 0.11 & 0.12.


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