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Download PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 Lightspeed Chinese Version with New Map, Weapons, and Vehicle and More

Download PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 Lightspeed Chinese Version with New Map, Weapons, and Vehicle and More

Alongside arrival of PUBG Mobile 0.10 update, there has been additionally PUBG Mobile lightspeed Chinese form 0.12.5 discharge with all new frigid guide and all the more fascinating highlights. All things considered, the PUBG Mobile universally has new "Vikendi" snow outline, in the PUBG Mobile lightspeed adaptation it's called as "Vihandi" as all area are same. 

As PUBG portable Chinese form considered as the smoothest and familiar rendition of the amusement, numerous individuals from around the globe wishes to download PUBG Mobile lightspeed Chinese variant. In this way, here we have accompanied the update PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 lightspeed APK record which you can download and introduce on your Android cell phone and appreciate the best PUBG ongoing interaction. Along these lines, this is what new highlights of PUBG Mobile Chinese rendition 0.12.5 are and how you can download and introduce it on your versatile. 

PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 Lightspeed Chinese Version Download and Install guide

Before making a beeline for the procedure to introduce PUBG Mobile Lightspeed Chinese Version on your Android, you should see new PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 lightspeed highlights. 

[New outline, weather] 

1) New ice-shrouded snow-Vihandi outline: size of the territory is 6000Mx6000M, players can pick the snow guide to coordinate in the great mode, update the snow delineate the day of the update, the snow outline open Please focus on the official site. A few scenes and endgames of the snow delineate extraordinary, and will be updated and reestablished in resulting forms; 

2) New climate: bright climate, light snow climate, just in the solidified snow-Vindi, the two climate will be haphazardly brushed out; 

[New] guns 

1) elite snow weapons: 5.56mm strike rifle slugs G36C– use with single and completely programmed modes, just the solidified snow – cold brush-dimensional Di entire guide; 

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[New Vehicle] 

1) Snow select vehicle: snowmobile – medium speed, moderate snow versatility, solid security, just in the solidified snow; 

[Christmas, new Year's day occasion encounter exercises limit] 

1) supplant the group corridor scene Christmas climate of the scene; 

2) limit new Christmas play mode, join Christmas props combat zone; 

3) New Year's day limit recreational exercises, on-time Please focus on the official declaration; 

[Optimized content] 

Fight center improvement 

1) Restore end-diversion enhancement: Add an electrostatic power field (blue hover) outside harm superposition system, when the player is more remote far from the sheltered zone (white circle), it is liable to Electrostatic power field The higher the blue circles) damage; 

2) Reducing end trip advancement: simple alteration instrument assault, in snow and rain delineate the guide, the region size of the locale will be diminished as the air strikes the security zone (white circles) is limited; 

3) Voice Component moves up to give players better voice correspondence; 

4) Added comparing models for MK47 attack rifle extension magazines, quick magazines, and fast development magazines; 

War mode improvement 

1) War mode with submachine weapons and attack rifles, the quantity of starting conveying slugs multiplied; 

2) War mode utilizing marksman rifle, the weapon in the airdrop box expelled the sort other than expert marksman rifle; 

Other enhancement of fight 

1 The partners in the huge guide interface will blur when they cover, and tackle the issue that numerous accentuation covers make it hard to recognize; 

2) Optimize the alternate ways in the easy route direction, the appended cautioning mark is diminished, blurred, and the showcase time increments. The new label utilized between colleagues will never again cause the past tag to vanish; 

3) upgrade the easy route direction "I have material here!", after the appended thing tag vanishes, the player taps the record in the visit log to show the thing tag once more. ; 

4) improve the estimation of the slider contacted district affectability setting interface, to take care of the issue of incidentally; 

the framework improvement work 

1) Optimization encounter message focus, the player's name might be shown in the title of the sender, and may welcome them rapidly amass group; 

2) Increase the disregard all usefulness overlooking companion demands; 

3) Update announcement changed in accordance with the last page "form more Ceremony ", you can get updates compensate; 

4) increment the group of Dan show interface; 

5) When the group, the group chief got the application, you can see who is the group which documented a companion; 

6) Cancel all diagrams Signature show; 

7) The change of the information securing system of the war zone leaderboard, the prerequisites of the upper positions is acclimated to the separate necessities of every mode; 

Download PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 Lightspeed Chinese APK 

Note: You may likewise need to introduce WeChat to sign in. In this way, remember as it's Chinese form, you should utilize WeChat or QQ to begin.

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Download PUBG Mobile 0.12.5
Download PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 Lightspeed Chinese Version 
How to Download PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 Lightspeed Chinese Version 
0.12.5 Lightspeed Chinese Version 
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