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PUBG Mobile :Sanhok map loot location guide 2018

Hii guys ,in this post you know about high loot and medium loot location of sanhok map in pubg mobile.sanhok map some places have very high loot like level 3 bagpacks,8x scope,kar98k,m24 sniper,flare gun and other rare items spawn in areas.high loot help to win winner winner chicken dinner.many people landed in these areas if you landed in these areas and survive you can get more kills in your game and improve your skills should play like pro and your reaction time develop fast to kill enemy and you can choose your favourite location for camping in these can kill enemy in sky when you landed fast to all you pick up guns fast beacause assult rifle also spawn every place ..but you can do if you learn how to land fast.

1.high loot location

             high loot location

So guys,we discuss about high loot location in sanhok map .red circle mark indicate areas that have very high loot.

high loot Places names:-

3.paradise resort  

many players landed on boot camp.if you are pro you can get more and more kills.

2.Medium loot location

          medium loot location

So guys,we discuss about medium loot location in sanhok map. yellow circle mark indicate areas that have very high loot.

medium loot Places names:-

1.ha tinh
2.pai nan
6.campalpha bravo

in all these area you can find mid loot like pain kiiller,aldrine,level 2 bagpacks,asault rifles and other

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